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VOL.28 No.3 2013.12.


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糖尿病医療における日中協力の重要性   糖尿病医疗中日合作的重要性
門脇  孝   门脇  孝

上海交通大学附属第六人民医院院長   上海交通大学附属第六人民医院院长
賈 偉平   贾 伟平
Current status of diabetes mellitus diagnosis and treatment in China
【Abstract】 Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease characterized by many causes with an increasing prevalence in China. Diabetes and its complications are not only severe threats to human health and life, but impose heavy burden to the families and society. This paper discusses the current status and features of diabetes in China, as well as the problem, the progress and the future development in diabetes prevention and control.
【Key words】 Diabetes, Complications, Prevalence, Prevention and control

紀 立農   纪 立农
Challenge in prevent,diagnosis and treatment of in diagnosis and
treatment of diabetes in China and improvement strategies
【Abstract】 The prevalence of diabetes has increased significantly in recent decades and is now reaching epidemic proportions in China with majority of diabetes undiagnosed. In addition, the prevalence of pre-diabetes has also exceeding that of diabetes and thus making the future bleak. Currently, achieving adequate control of glucose and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease in patients with diabetes remains a clinical challenge. The Chinese government, social society, and Chinese Diabetes Society are now striving to improve the level of prevention and treatment of diabetes in China.
【Key words】 diabetes, China, challenge, improvement

富山大学大学院医学薬学研究部(医学)内科学第一講座教授   富山大学大学院医学药学研究部(医学)内科学第一讲座教授
戸邉 一之   戸边 一之
Treatment of type2 diabetes in Japan.
【Abstract】 Japanese develop diabetes at a smaller BMI than those in western countries. This is due to reduced insulin secretory capacity in Japanese. Another characteristics in Japanese diabetes is increased visceral fat mass when compared at the same BMI with US whites. Thus, almost 50% of Japanese diabetes patients develop diabetes at BMI<25. To those whose BMI is <25, the first line oral hypoglycemic agent (OHA) is DPP4 inhibitor now but preciously it was sulfonylurea (SU) drugs. To those whose BMI is over 25, the first line OHA is a biguanide. When they are at a higher risk of cardiovascular events, thiazolidinediones may be prescribed. When insulin secretion is too low to control diabetes with OHA alone, we start insulin administration. As an index for the insulin secretory capacity, we propose C-peptide index, which is calculated as follows: fasting C-peptide reactivity (CPR)(ng/ml) × 100 ÷ fasting glucose concentration (mg/dl). When CPI is <0.8, insulin therapy is necessary for better control of diabetes. When CPI is >1.2, diet and exercise therapy without or with OHA(s) can control diabetes.
【Key words】 C-peptide index, DPP4 inhibitor, metformin, thiazolidinedione, sulfonylurea, incretin

東京大学大学院医学系研究科糖尿病・代謝内科准教授   东京大学大学院医学系研究科糖尿病・代谢内科副教授
植木 浩二郎   植木 浩二郎
Provisions against the current problems on the treatment for diabetes in Japan
【Abstract】 Prevalence of diabetes has been explosively increasing in Japan as well as other countries, and the disease shortens the life expectancy due to the complications, especially the self-sufficient life period. To solve these problems, the Japan Diabetes Society incorporation with Japan Association for Diabetes Education and Care, Japan Medical Association and the Japanese government promote the nationwide campaign and studies for prevention and better care of diabetes and its complications.
【Key words】 Annual health checkup for the metabolic syndrome, Diabetologist, Council for the promotion of the anti-diabetes, CDEJ, J-DOIT3

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