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VOL.28 No.4 2014.3.


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がん治療に東西医学の英知を注ぎ込む   将东西方医学的结晶注入癌症治疗
和漢医薬学会理事長 富山大学名誉教授   和汉医药学会理事长 富山大学名誉教授
服部 征雄   服部 征雄

(中国における伝統医学癌治療問題の現状- 基礎研究方面に関する総論)
北京大学腫瘤医院中西医結合科   北京大学肿瘤医院中西医结合科
李萍萍1 何曦冉   李萍萍1  何曦冉
1. 主任医師、教授   1.主任医师,教授
Current progress of Traditional Chinese Medicine on
inhibiting tumor cell growth in experimental researches
【Abstract】 Tumor is one of the serious disease to harm human health. People have found it is important that tumor microenvironment (TME) would inflect its growth and prognosis. The effect and characteristic of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) on cancer treatment has been come into much attention, especially in the field of apoptosis and differentiation, reversing multi-drug resistance and improving immune function, angiogenesis, inflammation, hypoxia etc. We will summarize these studies as fellow.
【Key words】 Cancer; Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM); inhibiting tumor

中国中医科学院広安門医院腫瘍科   中国中医科学院广安门医院肿瘤科
林洪生1 張 英2   林洪生1 张 英2
1. 主任、主任医師 2. 副主任医師   1.主任,主任医师 2.副主任医师
The Clinical Research Status and Expectation of
Chinese Medicine Applying in Cancer Treatment
【Abstract】 Plenty of clinical research approved that Chinese Medicine plays an active role in the cancer treatment as found symptoms improvement, decreased side-effect of chemo- and radio-therapies, hematoietic enhancement, immune function improvement, quality of life enhancement and prolongation of survival time. But there also are several insufficient points in the clinical research of Chinese Medicine in cancer treatment. So how to design the clinical research method, how to control the quality of the research work and how to choose the direction of the research? All these questions need to be studied in the status of today, when we looked cancer as a kind of chronic disease, and the individual therapy was emphasized in the comprehensive therapy.
【Key words】 Cancer; Chinese Medicine; Clinical Research

河野 透   河野 透
Kampo medicines for the treatment of adverse effects caused by anticancer drugs
【Abstract】 In contrast to conventional single-target drugs, multi-component Kampo medicines are designed to achieve therapeutic effects through multiple drug targets. This article will discuss recent advances in mechanistic studies and the clinical effects of five representative Kampo formulations (hangeshashinto, daikenchuto, goshajinkigan, shakuyakukanzoto and yokukansan) for the treatment of adverse effects caused by anticancer drugs such as oral mucositis, diarrhea, neurotoxicity and abnormal behavior, for which western pharmaceuticals fail to adequately address.
【Key words】 Daikenchuto; Yokukansan; Hangeshasinto; Goshajinkigan; Shakuyakukanzoto

がん研有明病院漢方サポート科部長   癌症研究有明医院中医辅助科部长
星野 惠津夫   星野 惠津夫
Cancer Therapy with Traditional Herbal Medicine in Japan
- From the Standpoint of Internal Medicine -
【Abstract】 Ideal cancer therapy is to eliminate cancer with treatments of Western medicine, at the same time to support cancer patients by promoting their natural healing power with “Kampo”, Japanese traditional herbal medicine. “Kampo Support Clinic” was founded in 2006 in the cancer institute hospital, the first cancer hospital in Japan We have treated so far more than 3,000 advanced cancer patients in collaboration with the specialists for various kinds of cancer. Most of the patients referred to our clinic got better after taking optimum Kampo formulas. They can palliate painful symptoms induced by cancer itself and various treatments. Furthermore, they can prolong life of advanced cancer patients by restoring vital energy.
【Key words】 Cancer therapy; Herbal.medicine; Kampo;Integrative.oncology; Painful symptoms related to cancer therapy; Vitalizing Kampo formula

随想 Zuiso 医疾令に学ぶ
  日中医学協会評議員、 東邦大学医学部長  髙松 研
インタビュー 在日中国人研究者を訪ねて
  独立行政法人 物質・材料研究機構(NIMS)
国際ナノアーキテクトニクス研究拠点 生体組織再生材料ユニット長  陳国平
  (聞き手・広報委員会委員  範 江林)
日中共同研究こぼれ話 福州の夏
  東海大学医学部分子神経科学研究員 潘 雷
笹川生 in China 畏敬と尊敬-我が師·仙道富士郎教授との思い出
蘭州大学医学ナノ材料研究センターセンター長  景 涛(景 涛)
  復旦大学上海医学院薬理学系主任、特任教授  黄志力(黄志力)
中国医学ニュース 呼吸器疾患の上昇
  中国医学研究家  池永 優美子
中国の家庭薬 千柏鼻炎片
  徐福中医研究所代表 何仲涛
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