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巻頭言   前言
これからの高齢者ケアにおける看護の役割   护理在今后老年人照护中的作用
公益社団法人日本看護協会会長   公益社团法人日本看护协会会长
坂本 すが   坂本 SUGA

北京協和医学院看護学院教授   北京协和医学院护理学院教授
趙 紅   赵 红
Current status of community care and home care for elderly in China
【Abstract】 China has the largest elderly population in the world. Most of them are living in their own home, and spouses and children are main caregivers. Chinese nurses are facing challenges and opportunities: how to provide quality nursing care, and meet the needs of elderly and families. This paper discusses the problems and measures in nursing practice, education and research for community care and home care for elderly.
【Key words】 elderly; community care; home care

  中医学的“ 治未病” 理论在老年健康管理中的应用
福建中医薬大学教授   福建中医药大学教授
陳 錦秀   陈 锦秀
兵庫県立大学教授(湖北中医薬大学客員教授)   日本兵库县立大学教授(湖北中医药大学客座教授)
呉 小玉   吴 小玉
The Applications of the “ Preventive Treatment of Disease “ Theory of
Traditional Chinese Medical Science in The Healthcare for the Elderly
【Abstract】 The“ Preventive Treatment of Disease” Theory, one of the core ideas of Traditional Chinese Medical Science, aims at improving human body functions, restoring the balance of body’s “Qixue- Yinyang” by food therapy, emotion adjustment, and Fit-set supports, thus to enhance human body’s disease resistance ability, to enable human seldom falling sick, away from getting sick, or able to get recovered fast in the case of getting sick. Therefore, the“ Preventive Treatment of Disease” theory has not only been the most important theory foundation and guidelines for the preventive health care in the Traditional Chinese Medical Science, but also been taken in as the important components in the modern health care system. The article below is to relate the applications of the “Preventive Treatment of Disease” theory in the health care for the elderly.
【Key words】 Healthcare; The elderly;“ Traditional Chinese Medical Science”; “Preventive treatment of disease”

太田 秀樹   太田 秀树
Home Healthcare in the era of Community-Based Integrated Care
【Abstract】 Japan has become an unprecedented aging society. Hospitalization may not expect complete problem solving for the frail elderly with aging process. Systematizing Community-Based Integrated Care System is desired and the system assures the elderlies can live in their home or familiar community of their choice for as long as they can, as“ aging in place”. Medical care is necessary for the elderly to live out their natural life span, as well as life support. People raise expectations for Home Healthcare which is practiced with community liaison and collaborative multidisciplinary team approaches.
【Key words】 Super-Ageing Society; Population Dropping Society; Community-Based Integrated Care System;
Home Healthcare; End-of-Life Care at Home

公益社団法人日本看護協会常任理事   公益社团法人日本看护协会常务理事
齋藤 訓子   齐藤 训子
The trends and issues in the elderly care in Japan – a nursing perspective
【Abstract】 Goals of the elderly care in Japan are establishing a care delivery system without necessitating the involvement of the family members and introducing a mechanism for quality assessment. We need to make effective and efficient use of the limited number of nurses to respond to the medical and nursing care needs of the people in the community. Our main strategy is strengthening the nurses’ discretionary power in practice.
【Key words】 Support for independence; long-term care insurance system; multidisciplinary care team;
quality assessment; expansion of the scope of practice

随想 Zuiso 旧東海道徒歩の旅
  日中医学協会評議員、日本大学医学部 病態病理学系病理学分野主任教授  根本 則道
インタビュー 在日中国人研究者を訪ねて
  東京大学大学院新領域創成科学研究科人間環境学専攻准教授  陳 昱
  (聞き手・広報委員会委員  範 江林)
日中共同研究こぼれ話 孟子の教え
  近畿大学薬学部教授・学部長 同 アンチエイジングセンター長  村岡 修
笹川生 in China 短い留学経験が、長く人生に与えた影響
  湖南旺旺病院名誉院長  李 永国(李永国)
  吉林大学第一医院産科准教授  李 娜(李 娜)
中国医学ニュース 数字から見る「医療と社会保障」の現状
  中国医学研究家  池永 優美子
中国の家庭薬 壮腰健腎丸
  九州保健福祉大学薬学部教授  程 炳鈞
あとがき 広報委員会委員  輪湖 史子