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VOL.29 No.4 2015.2.


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日中顕微鏡カンファランス   日中显微镜研讨会
長崎大学名誉教授   长崎大学名誉教授
朝長 万左男   朝长 万左男

浙江省人民病院血液科主任、主任医師   浙江省人民医院血液科主任,主任医师
黄 強   黄 强
Current status of acute leukemia diagnosis and treatment in China
【Abstract】 Acute leukemia is a malignant disease of the bone marrow in which hematopoietic precursors are arrested in an early stage of development. Diagnosis of acute leukemia is based on clinical manifestation, morphology, immunology, cytogenetics and molecular biology. They have contributed to our understanding of the pathogenesis and prognosis of the acute leukemias. The goal of the treatment of acute leukemias is to produce and maintain a complete remission(CR). Treatment options for acute leukemia in China comprise a variety of chemotherapy regimens, target treatment, stem cell transplantation and traditional Chinese medicine. The article describes the current status of acute leukemia diagnosis and treatment in China.
【Key words】 Acute leukemia; Homoharringtonine; ATRA; HSCT; China

蘇州大学唐仲英血液学研究センター教授   苏州大学唐仲英血液学研究中心教授
武 芸   武 艺
Current status of hematological diseases in China:
view from thrombosis and hemostasis
【Abstract】 Thrombotic and hemastatic diseases have become a major problem affecting the health and life of people in China. Knowledge of the mechanisms underlying platelet and coagulation disorders should improve the prevention and treatment of thrombotic and hematological diseases. This paper discusses the current status and features of clinical and basic research on thrombosis and hemostasis in China.
【Key words】 Thrombosis; Hemostasis; Platelet; Coagulation; Pathogenesis

国立病院機構名古屋医療センター院長   国立病院机构名古屋医疗中心院长
直江 知樹   直江 知树
Clinical Circumstance of Hematological Malignancies in Japan
【Abstract】 In this paper, I introduce clinical circumstances of hematological malignancies in Japan, focusing on the followings: 1)current epidemiology of leukemia and lymphoma in Japan, 2)topic of “clinical practice guidelines of hematopoietic tumor” edited by Japanese Society of Hematology in 2013, 3)current status and problems of drug approval, and 4)multi-institutional clinical study groups in Japan.
【Key words】 ha; hematological malignancies; guideline; drug approval; clinical study

奈良県立医科大学小児科教授   奈良县立医科大学儿科教授
嶋 緑倫   嶋 绿伦
Current situation of clinics and researches of thrombosis
and hemostasis in Japan
【Abstract】 Thrombosis and hemostasis is an important area in the hematology in Japan. I overview the recent topics in this field from both clinical and basic aspects.
For thrombotic disease, I picked up the congenital thrombophilia such as protein S, protein C and AT deficiencies. Furthermore, I focused on the two novel thrombotic diseases such as antithrombin and activated protein C resistances that have been recently reported in Japan. For bleeding disorders, I focused on hemophilia and acquired hemophilia A and introduced the current medical circumstance and development in the basic and clinical studies.
【Key words】 deep vein thrombosis(DVT); thrombophilia; activated protein C resistance; hemophilia; acquired hemophilia

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  日中医学協会評議員、星薬科大学副学長  杉山 清
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  西安交通大学外国語学院准教授  李国棟(李国栋)
  北京大学口腔医学院口腔顎顔面外科准教授  崔念暉(崔念晖)
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  中国医学研究家  池永 優美子
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