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巻頭言 日中における在宅医療・看護の現状と課題~高齢化社会への対策と知恵の共有~

長野県看護大学人間基礎科学講座(基礎医学・疾病学) 教授
喬 炎


王子雯 王 仲※1
※1 教授

Current Situation and Prospects of Home Medical Services for Older Adults in China

The population aged 65 years and older has reached 190 million, accounting for 13.5% of the total population of China, implying that this is an aging society. The aging of the Chinese mainland population is accelerating. In response to the increasing demand for medical and health services for older individuals, the Chinese government has formulated a large number of policies to encourage the integration of medical and care for the aged and the provision of home medical and health services for the older population. This paper summarizes the development history, current status, and the problems that need urgent resolution, and puts forward corresponding countermeasures on this basis to provide a reference for meeting the demand and mproving the quality of home medical services.

【Key words】
Home Medical Service, Service status, Family doctor, Problem analysis


復旦大学護理学院 副教授
復旦大学Evidence Based Nursing センター コア研究員
陳 瑜

The current situation and outlook of home care in China

With the aging of the population, the demand for home care is increasing. This paper summarizes the contents and demands of home care in China, the model of home care, the problems in the development of home care, and corresponding suggestions. It provides references for improving the quality of home care and promoting people's health.

【Key words】
Home care, Nursing, Situation and outlook, China


内科・漢方 在宅支援診療所 漢和クリニック 院長
安藤 進

Home Medical Care Practice in Japan

Home medical care is a method of providing medical care to patients who find it difficult to visit the hospital due to age and to those who want to spend their last days at home, while maintaining their comfortable quality of life, in cooperation with visiting physicians, nurses, care managers, and other multidisciplinary professionals. As a result, home medical care is attracting attention. Progress is expected from a medical care system that addresses diseases to one that both addresses diseases and supports the individual.

【Key words】
Geriatrics, Home Medical Care, Terminal Illness Care, Home-visit treatment, Mull-job Cooperation


長野県看護大学広域看護学講座地域・在宅看護学分野 准教授

Current State and Issues Related to Visiting Nursing in Japan

Visiting nursing aims to help people needing care with illnesses and disabilities to continue living in comfort in their familiar community, in their own preferred way, until the end of their lives. By collaborating with medical institutions and multiple occupations, visiting nurses provide support for people with home care needs and for their family members who engage in caregiving. In this manner, visiting nursing plays an important role in the community-based integrated care systems.

【Key words】
Visiting Nursing, Community-based integrated care systems, Visiting Nursing Station


News Letter

日中医学協会 理事長


あとがき 広報委員会委員  喬 炎