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巻頭言 日中における緩和医療の現状と課題



中国医学科学院北京協和病院老年医学科 副主任医師  寧暁紅
京市海淀病院ホスピスケア科  白 露
江蘇大学附属病院老年科  侯 莉
中国老年学・老年医学学会ホスピスケア分会  周正順
中国医学科学院北京協和病院国際医療部  戴暁艶
中国医学科学院北京協和医学院 群医学・公衆衛生学院  閻 格

Development and Current Status of Hospice and Palliative Care in China

With the introduction of the national strategy and policies, hospice and palliative care has been legally integrated into China’s healthcare system. This article reviews the current policies, primary and specialized training, curriculum construction, and cultural background for hospice and palliative care. Three models have been created based on real-world cases.

【Key words】
Hospice and Palliative care, Policies and regulations, Training and education, Models


西安交通大学第一附属病院看護部副主任  李潔瓊
西安交通大学第一附属病院看護部  席楊娟、王 晗
陝西中医薬大学看護系  游 寧、徐潘悦
延安大学看護系  劉 婷

Bibliometric and Visual Analysis of Studies on Hospice Nursing for Patients with Cancer in China

We analyzed studies on palliative nursing for cancer patients in China, referring to the 2021 edition of the China Science and Technology Journal Citation Report(Core Edition). We found that the research on palliative care in China was still in the development stage. In the future, we should pay attention to the research hotspots and frontiers in this field, and further exploration is needed for the model and service system of hospice care based on China’s national conditions.

【Key words】
Hospice care, Cancer, Patient, Bibliometric, Visual, Analysis, Research hotspots


東京大学医学部附属病院緩和ケア診療部 准教授/部長

Adequate Opioid Analgesic Treatment for Cancer-Related Pain: Supporting Cancer Survivorship

Opioid analgesics are still the mainstay analgesic therapy for patients with cancer-related pain. However, in Japan and other Eastern Asian countries, the adequate opioid availability has been still very limited and delayed in matching the global standard. Universal access to effective opioid analgesics and consequent quality cancer-related pain relief should be expanded and achieved rapidly in the Eastern Asian countries.

【Key words】
Cancer-related pain, Opioid analgesics, Adequate opioid consumption


※1 講師 ※2 准教授/部長
阿部博昭※1 住谷昌彦※2

Palliative Medicine Promoted by Medical Big Data Analysis

There is little evidence for palliative medicine because patients are in poor condition and have difficulty participating in randomized controlled trials. In recent years, research using medical big data has been increasing owing to its advantages including large sample sizes, low costs, and less ethical issues. We are aiming to develop evidence for palliative medicine using medical big data, and we present several examples in this article.

【Key words】
Real world data, Medical big data, Cohort study, Propensity score analysis, Palliative medicine



Family members’ symptoms/signs and family symptoms/signs, and their influencing factors, in families in China and Japan in which elderly are caring for other elderly family members: A literature review based on the Concentric Sphere Family Environment Theory

中国三峡大学法学・行政学部 講師  易覃秋子
神戸大学大学院保健学研究科家族看護学分野 教授  法橋尚宏

笹川生 in China

貴州省人民病院神経外科 主治医師   楊 勇

あとがき 広報委員会専門委員  飯塚陽子