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前言 日中两国康复医学的现状与课题

感觉/ 运动功能医学讲座康复医学领域教授


邵 明

The status of rehabilitation of movement disorders in China

【Abstract】 Movement disorders are synonymous with basal ganglia or extrapyramidal diseases. They are conventionally divided into two major categories-hyperkinetic and hypokinetic. Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, Dystonia, Myoclonus and cerebellum ataxia are the most common forms of Movement disorders. Rehabilitation therapy plays an important role in the treatment of such diseases. This article briefly introduces the present situation of rehabilitation of movement disorders in mainland of China.
【Key words】 Movement disorders, rehabilitation, physical therapy, occupation therapy, speech therapy



Exercise system disorders rehabilitation in China

【Abstract】 By introducing the development of rehabilitation medicine, sports medicine and Sports system disorders rehabilitation in China, Let’s have a better understanding of the development of rehabilitation medicine in China, and provide important reference for promoting communication with China.
【Key words】 sports system disorders, rehabilitation, therapy


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Rehabilitation of patients with colorectal cancer during operation and chemotherapy

【Abstract】 At present, the incidence of cancer continues to rise, and the phenomenon of pneumonia after surgery is more common, and the relationship between doctors and patients is more often reported. In order to let patients understand the various aspects of medical treatment, reduce complications and restore the daily lives of patients, we introduce an illustrated booklet with rehabilitation guidance from before surgery and during chemotherapy in the surgical ward. We used graphic brochures in surgical wards to introduce rehabilitation instructions from preoperative and chemotherapy period. As a result, the patient's bed-removal rate was 98.5% at 24 hours after surgery, postoperative venting time was 2.67 days, and the average temperature of 3 days after surgery was 36.8 degrees. The introduction of rehabilitation before surgical treatment has achieved good results. In the future, we will make a statistical comparison and to explore its effectiveness.
【Key words】 Rehabilitation; complications; pneumonia; bed-removal; colorectal cancer



Rehabilitation for musculoskeletal disease

【Abstract】 Rehabilitation for musculoskeletal disease is important for athletes and elderly people to recover from disorder. Both conservative and operative treatment for motor system organ disorders need concentrated and effective rehabilitation. Interventions result in not only early recovery from disorder but in prevention from postoperative complications in elderly people. Rehabilitation for locomotive syndrome play important roles for preventive medicine for elderly people to keep motor system organ in optimal health condition.
【Key words】 Rehabilitation for musculoskeletal disease, Locomotive syndrome



Importance of locomotive management for cancer patients

【Abstract】 As prognosis of cancer patients has been getting better with progress of cancer therapy, Japanese government set a goal to alter the QOL of cancer survivors. For improving the QOL, cancer rehabilitation must be performed to all patients. We have to focus on locomotive management, because walking ability is most important for keeping QOL.
【Key words】 cancer rehabilitation, locomotive management, bone metastasis


随想 Suixiang

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日本医疗学会理事长  高崎 健

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