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前言 咬合诱导在儿童口腔医学临床中的意义

药师寺 仁



An Overview of occlusive guidance in Shanghai

Despite the importance of occlusive guidance that had been paid much attention and had developed significantly, pediatric dentists and specialists remain deficient due to the large population of children and the high prevalence rate for malocclusion in Shanghai. The occlusive guidance should be carried out to develop further.

【Key words】
child population; childhood caries; occlusive guidance; pediatric dentistry


空军军医大学(第四军医大学)口腔医学院 儿童口腔科教授

Contemporary Treatment Status of Occlusive Guidance for Children in Shaanxi Province, China

Early orthodontic treatment of malocclusion of children has been the focus of attention and research. By prevention induction and correction, early orthodontic treatment guide normal development of craniofacial and block the deterioration of malocclusion, which results in reducing the occurrence and severity of malocclusions. It is also beneficial to promoting the physical and mental health of children. We also call it occlusive guidance. Based on the epidemiological survey of oral and maxillofacial malocclusion in Shaanxi, the present situation of medical treatment, the related education and training, this paper discussed the occlusive guidance.

【Key words】
Pediatric dentistry; Malocclusion; Occlusive guidance


鹿儿岛大学研究生院医学齿学综合研究科 小儿齿科学教授

Occlusal Guidance in Japanese University Hospital

The purpose of early treatment for malocclusion in children is to achieve a harmonious relationship between both dental arches and good masticatory function. If abnormalities of dentition and occlusion are not treated in children, the result will become more severe cases that require surgical orthodontics at the end of the growing stage. This article will explain about the importance of early treatment and long term management, stomatognathic function, respiratory function, eating and swallowing function, and congenital missing of permanent teeth in children.

【Key words】
Early treatment and Long term management; Stomatognathic function; Congenital missing of tooth; Respiratory function; Eating and Swallowing function


石谷儿童/ 正畸口腔医院
※1.院长 ※2.副院长

Early Orthodontic Intervention for Comprehensive and Continual Oral Management of Growing Patients

Children referred to my clinic for management of various developmental dental problems except caries are increasing in recent years. Pediatric dentists should intervene adequately at the proper time through comprehensive and continual oral management to reduce the risk of complications in growing patients. I would like to describe the concept of early orthodontic intervention in my clinic.

【Key words】
Early orthodontic intervention; comprehensive and continual oral management; Growing Patients


随想 Suixiang

绪方 刚

笹川生 in China

空军军医大学(第四军医大学)口腔医院 修复科副教授 吴 江

News Letter

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