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前言 日中两国器官移植的现状

关西Medical 医院 肾病综合医疗中心 主任
日本移植学会 前理事长


华中科技大学同济医学院附属同济医院器官移植研究所 教授、主任医师

江文诗 武小桐

The current progress of the development of organ donation program in China

It has been 10 years since China launched the pilot program of voluntary deceased organ donation. The annual number of deceased organ donation has increased from 34 in 2010 to 5818 in 2019, making China the second largest country of organ donation and transplantation in the world. This paper reviews the milestones events and the practice of organ donation in China over the last decade. Also explained is the pathway towards sustainable development of organ donation in line with international ethical principles and with Chinese characteristics so as to achieve self-sufficiency in organ transplantation.

【Key words】
organ donation, organ transplantation, organ procurement organization, ICU, coordinator, quality management and control system


南京医科大学附属无锡人民医院 副院长
中日友好医院肺移植科 主任

Current Status and future perspective in lung transplantation in China

Lung transplantation in China has been developing for over 40 years. Since 2015, which was a novel start and milestone for transplant affairs in China, the pace of transplant volume and comparable quality of care for lung transplant recipients have increased noticeably. We reviewed the advancement of lung transplantation programs in China, further inspire the development and cooperation in the field of lung transplantation.

【Key words】
lung transplantation, China, organ donation


日本移植学会 副理事长
国立医院机构水户医疗中心 临床研究部长(器官移植外科)

Present status of organ donation and organ transplantation in Japan

Japan has a long history of organ transplantation, but the Law on Organ Transplantation, which stipulates brain death, was not enacted until 1997, and the number of brain death donors has not increased since then. The majority of organ transplantations are living organ transplantations. Clinical outcomes in living organ transplantation and cadaveric organ transplantation are extremely good and are among the best in the world.

【Key words】
transplantation, donor, organ, Japan


名古屋大学研究生院医学系研究科胸外科 教授

Current situation of lung transplantation in Japan

The first lung transplant with long-term survival in the world was successfully performed in 1983. Since then, lung transplantation has become the last treatment option for end-stage respiratory failure worldwide. In Japan, the fi rst successful lung transplant was performed with long-term survival in 1998. Since then, more than 800 lung transplants have been performed with favorable outcomes. The current situation of lung transplantation in Japan was described in this article.

【Key words】
ex vivo lung perfusion, living-donor lobar lung transplantation, lung transplantation


纽 带

福建医科大学附属协和医院结直肠外科 副主任医师

随 想

金井 净

后 记 宣传委员会委员  李 小康