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前言 日中两国预防医学的现状与课题



代 敏※ 蔡 洁 陈宏达 吴文铭
※1 主任、教授

Current Situation and Scientific Research Focuses of Preventive Medicine in Chinese Class A Tertiary Hospitals


Along with the implementation of the Healthy China initiative, Chinese Class A tertiary hospitals are playing increasingly important roles in preventive medicine in China. At present, the main services regarding preventive medicine provided by Class A tertiary hospitals include health consultation, infectious disease prevention and control, chronic disease management, and maternal and infant healthcare. However, the quality of services and scientific research regarding preventive medicine varies greatly among different hospitals. In future, Class A tertiary hospitals should pay more attention to preventive medicine.

【Key words】
China, Class A tertiary hospital, Preventive medicine


浙江省人民医院健康管理中心 副主任
费 敏

Current Situation and Subjects of the Physical Examination Industry in Physical Examination Institutions in China

As health awareness increases, the physical examination industry in China has entered a rapid growth phase. At present, the physical examination institutions in China include physical examination centers in public hospitals, which play a dominant role, and private physical examination institutions, which play a supplementary role. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Despite difficulties, the physical examination industry in China is making efforts to incorporate three changes that will transition the model from simple physical examination to health management, from business management to disciplinary construction, and from menu-type physical examination to personalized customization.

【Key words】
Physical examination, Institutions, Situation, Subjects


东京Midtown Clinic 院长

Current Problems and Future of Preemptive Medicine in Japan

Current problems of healthcare in Japan are increase of elder population, frailty and cognitive impairment, and mismatch between healthy life expectancy and average life expectancy. To resolve these issues, it is important to promote health check-ups and prevention of metabolic syndrome, cancer, prefrail symptoms and brain damage.

【Key words】
Elder population, Frailty, Cognitive impairment, Healthy life expectancy, Cancer


东京大学医学部附属医院国际体检中心 主任

Possibilities and Challenges of Preventive Medicine in the Age of Internationalization


Preventive medicine is one of the strengths of Japan’s medical care and is unparalleled worldwide. The Center for International Preventive Medicine was recently established to provide the highly-developed Japanese preventive medical services to overseas residents. It is expected to take advantage of our university hospital’s advanced medical system, in order to make international contributions in areas of clinical practice, education, and research with global cooperation.

【Key words】
Preventive medicine, Internationalization of medical care, Internationalization project of preventive medicine, Global cooperation, China



Health Promotion Narratives of an Older Chinese Migrant

Living Independently in a Community in Japan

千叶大学研究生院护理学研究院护理学研究科 博士生  姚 利
东京情报大学护理学部护理学科 助教   石井优香
千叶大学研究生院护理学研究院护理学研究科 教授  正木治恵

笹川生 in China

陆军特色医学中心(大坪医院) 神经内科 副主任医师   唐春花

后 记 宣传委员会专业委员   饭塚阳子