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前言 对促进日中感染护理交流的期待

日本感染护理学会 会长
横滨市立大学医学研究生院护理系感染护理学系 主任、教授


山西省护理学会 副理事长
山西省人民医院 护理部主任

Current Situation and Issues of Infection Care in China: National Level Measures

As medical reform deepens, nosocomial infection has become a critical public health concern globally. This paper explains the organizational structure and responsibilities of infection prevention and control in China, the role of nursing staff in infection control and prevention, the status of infection control specialist nurses, and discusses China’s response to sudden infectious diseases through the example of new crown pneumonia, its control and prevention. It summarizes the status of infection care in promoting infection control development and ensuring patient safety in China.

【Key words】
Nosocomial infection, Prevention and control, Organizational structure, Nursing, National policy


扬州市第三人民医院 副主任护师  孟秀凤
扬州市第三人民医院 主任护师  周明芬
泰州职业技术学院  王 燕
扬州大学护理学院  刘永兵

Status and Measures of Nursing for Nosocomial Infections in China

Nosocomial infection is a global public health concern, and an integral part of the nursing practice. Nursing staff play a critical role in implementing and managing nosocomial infection. This article introduces characteristics, advantages, and problems of managing nosocomial infection in China. Thoughts and suggestions were put forward on this basis.

【Key words】
Nosocomial infection, Nursing, Current status, Measures


河北医科大学第二医院 主任护师

Nosocomial Infection Control System and the Role of Nurses in Chinese Medical Institutions

This article’s foreword introduces the three-tier organizational structure, work responsibilities, assessment and training, management goals, quality assurance, and continuous improvement in Chinese hospital infection nursing management.

【Key words】
Nosocomial infection, Three-tier organizational structure, Infection nursing


公益财团法人结核预防会结核研究所对策支援部 副部长

Current Situation and Issues in Japanese Infectious Diseases Nursing: Clinical Field and Community Health Collaboration for Tuberculosis Control and Care

Although the number of tuberculosis(TB)cases is continuously decreasing in Japan, it remains as the most important infectious disease. A few of the most important public health actions in TB control and care are contact investigations to find those who are infected with TB, provide prophylaxis for them, and eventually prevent the spread of infection via patient support, including completion of their TB treatment. This paper describes the current situation and issues in nursing for infectious diseases from the perspective of TB control and care in Japan.

【Key words】
Japan, Tuberculosis, Infectious Disease Nursing, Collaboration, Community Health


国立癌症研究中心东医院 护理部副主任

Status and Issues of Infection Nursing in Japan: Knowledge and Hospital Practices

Infection control nurses(ICNs)in Japan are certified by the Japanese Nursing Association, which uses theoretical approaches to educate staff and help patients and their families take preventive action against infection. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they developed a system that rapidly accepted COVID-19 patients. In such a time, it was challenging to evaluate the quality of infection control measures and improve the practical capability of ICNs.

【Key words】
Certified Nurse in Infection Control, Infection Nursing, COVID-19


笹川生 in China

广东省人民医院心儿科 护士长

News Letter

日中医学协会 理事长


后 记 宣传委员会委员  樋口Machiko