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前言 从药学领域看感染症治疗的现状与课题

国立国际医疗研究中心国际感染症中心 主任


济宁医学院附属医院医院感染管理部 副主任医师
中南大学湘雅医院医院感染控制中心 主任医师

Monitoring of Therapy Drug Monitorin(TDM) and Multidrug-resistant Organisms in Clinical Practice for Infection Control

The widespread use of broad-spectrum antimicrobials has led to the emergence of multidrug-resistant organisms(MDRO), which bring severe challenges to clinical treatment and control of infections. MDRO infection is a critical threat, and the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infection(HAI)require multi-sectoral cooperation; the most important is in rationally using and managing antimicrobial agents. From a pharmacological perspective, this includes determining the following: the right patient, drug, time, dose, and route. Therapeutic drug monitoring(TDM)can assist the rational adjustment of antimicrobial dose in clinical settings.

【Key words】
Multidrug-resistant organisms, Healthcare-associated infection, Therapeutic drug monitoring, MDRO, HAI, TDM


孔维华 冯佳佳 林丽开※1
※1 教授/常务副所长(通讯作者)

Status of Antimicrobial Administration and Antimicrobial Resistance in China

The Chinese government started advocating the rational use of antibiotics 20 years ago, and it is one of the first countries in the world to issue and implement a national action plan for curbing antibiotic resistance. This paper reviews the core strategies and main practices of the Chinese government in the management of antibiotics at different stages, and it briefly describes and analyzes the current situation of antibiotic resistance in China.

【Key words】
Chinese pharmaceutical policy, Antibiotics management, Rational drug use, Bacterial resistance

预防耐药菌与定量药理学在MIPD 中的应用

顺天堂大学医学部附属顺天堂医院 药剂部主任
顺天堂大学药学系开设筹备室 客座教授
日本化疗学会 抗菌化疗认证药剂师制度委员会 委员长

Applications of Pharmacometrics in the Prevention of Antimicrobial Resistance and MIPD

The team approach of the infection control team(ICT) and the antimicrobial stewardship team(AST) contributes to the prevention of antimicrobial resistance. The activities of ICT and AST are defined as the health insurance system in Japan. The role of pharmacy services is especially important in AST. A board-certified system of infectious diseases and antimicrobial stewardship pharmacists have been established by The Japanese Society of Hospital Pharmacists and the Japanese Society of Chemotherapy.

【Key words】
AMR, PK/PD, MIPD, Pharmacometrics, TDM

日本AMR 治疗药物的研发与展望

盐野义制药株式会创新药疾病研究所 感染症领域 高级助理

Development and Prospects of Anti-AMR Drugs from Japan

Antimicrobial resistance(AMR)is a significant issue for global health due to the increase in resistance and the decrease in newly-approved antimicrobials. The lack of development of new antibiotics against carbapenem-resistant Gram-negative bacteria is one of the most significant issues. The current status and action plan for developing new antibiotics and tackling AMR, and the role of Japan in these are described.

【Key words】
Carbapenem resistant Gram-negative bacteria, Beta-lactamase inhibitors, Siderophore beta-lactam antibiotic, Action plan on AMR



- 1981年至2021年文献分析 -

Research Trends Focusing on the Health Issues of Chinese Returnees and
Their Families
– The Analysis of Studies Between 1981 and 2021 –

医疗创生大学国际护理系 教授(通讯作者)  安田真奈美
医疗创生大学国际护理系 助教  佐藤凤玲
东京武藏野医院 护士  天谷史树
横滨创英大学护理系 教授  小林贵子

笹川生 in China

Everything for sick children is OK
湖南省儿童医院肝移植科副主任医师   陈立健

后 记 宣传委员会委员  袁 博、山田阳城