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前言 中日两国口腔显微根管治疗的现状




The promotion and application of micro root canal
therapy technology in Beijing, China

【Abstract】 Being China’s political, economic and cultural center, Beijing is one of the big cities with the most abundant medical resources. With the rapid development of economy, the level of oral health care in Beijing has improved gradually. In the past two decades, the concepts and methods of modern root canal therapy have been promoted and popularized in China, and the micro root canal therapy has been widely used in Beijing. By taking Capital Medical University School of Stomatology and Peking University School of Stomatology as the representative, this article introduces the past history and present situation of clinical application of micro root canal therapy technology in Beijing area, and the important contribution to the development of Chinese micro root canal therapy made by Beijing endodontic experts.
【Key words】 endodontics; root canal therapy; operating microscope



Current Status and Challenges on Micro-Endodontic
treatment in China’s Sichuan Province

【Abstract】 Endodontic disease is caused by bacterial infection. Root canal therapy is the first choice for the disease treatment. West China Hospital of Stomatology began to apply dental microscopy in endodontic treatment at the beginning of the 21st century. Up to now, West China College of Stomatology has more than 100 dental microscopes, in addition, has built the pre-clinic and clinic training centers of Micro-Endodontics for under-graduate and post-graduate students and other training courses. Micro-endodontic treatment and micro-endodontic surgery has been widely used in clinic.
【Key words】 Endodontic diseases; dental microscope; micro-endodontic treatment; micro-endodontic surgery



The Present Condition and Challenges of Microscopic Endodontic
Therapy in Japan - Standpoint of University Hospital -

【Abstract】 Microscopic endodontic therapy of apicoectomy, 4 root canal treatment and C-shaped root canal treatment were added to national health insurance by the social insurance office of the ministry of health, labour and welfare in Japan since 2014. Our University started microscopic endodontic education for basic exercise of 3rd and 4th grade student and clinical exercise of 5th and 6th grade student from 2004. However, every Japanese dentistry students and dentists have not studied microscopic endodontic therapy yet. Therefore, we have to establish an education system for microscopic dentistry in Dental University.
【Key words】 Microscopic endodontic therapy; National health insurance; Microscopic Dentistry


泽田Dental Office 院长

The Present Condition and Challenges of Microscopic
Endodontic Therapy in Japan – Standpoint of Endodontist –

【Abstract】 It was 1994, I used the microscope in clinic. First case showed apicoectomy with no training of microscopic endodontic therapy. Many advantages of microscope are known in endodontc therapy. Now most endodontists have been using microscope in clinic. In this article, advantages and problems of using microscope in endodontic therapy in Japan were discussed. In future, microscope will become essential tool not only in endodontics but also in other treatments.
【Key words】 Microscope; Endodontic therapy; Microsurgery